Floor Cleaning Methods

What Are the Best Cleaning Methods for Different Types of Floors?

Floors are one of the dirtiest parts of a commercial building. When people walk into the building, they bring all sorts of dirt, debris and harmful bacteria with their shoes. This makes the floor look dirty and also decreases the shine of the space, which in turn creates a bad impression on others. Failing to clean the floors regularly pollutes the environment and affects the health of the workers. Hence if you don’t want your employees to suffer from any kind of health-related issue, then hiring expert commercial cleaners in Brisbane is one of the best decisions you can make.

Important Things You Should Know


  • Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors give a great appeal and enhance the look of the property. This type of floor is made to last for a long, and this is only possible if you are successful in sweeping and vacuuming the floors regularly to prevent dust buildup. To minimise the debris, you can also use doormats; wiping the spills as soon as possible is also important. To prevent the floor from getting scratched, you should also put felt pads under the furniture’s legs or feet.

  • Tile Floors

Tile floors are highly popular and common both in the workplace and at home. This is because it is affordable, stylish and highly durable. To clean the tile floors, daily mopping and sweeping are a must. If you see any stain on the floor, then you need to use a mild detergent or the best eco-friendly floor cleaner. To maintain the grout, you need to pour baking soda into a bowl of warm water and make a paste for scrubbing. You can use a soft cloth or old toothbrush to apply the paste on the stain and scrub it gently. After this, you need to wash the floor with water again.

  • Laminate Floors

To clean laminate floors using steam cleaners or wet mops is a bad idea as it will damage the sealant. You should use a dry mop, soft bristle broom or cloth to get rid of dirt and dust from the floors. If you don’t have time to manage such a task, then you can hire expert cleaners who are known for offering the best commercial office cleaning service in Brisbane.

  • Stone Floors

Natural stones, such as granite, marble, slate, etc., are used for flooring. It requires special care and attention to maintain such floors. To remove the dirt and dust, you can mop the floors, but at the same time, you should avoid using any kind of acidic cleaner as it might create a big issue. You might see cracks on your floors due to the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

Hence if you want to maintain the shine of your floors, then it is better to hire expert cleaners in Brisbane who specialise in offering quality service at an affordable price.

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