How long has Zoom Office Cleaning been in business?
Since [year].

What services do you offer?

We offer all forms of general and germicidal cleaning for homes, offices and factories including:

Residential Lobbies & Hallways
A complete Hygiene Service with Sani-bins, Foam Soap Dispensers, Air fresheners
Total Consumables Provision- Toilet Paper, hand towels, facial tissues, paper cups and office supplies
Odour Removal for difficult odours and ongoing deodorising services
Bond Cleans
Window Cleaning
Stripping & Sealing of Vinyl Floors
Pest Control
Carpet Cleaning

How much do you charge?

We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Zoom Office Cleaning provides exceptional service at ‘average’ prices. You can read our Price Guide here.

Do You Require a Contract?

Yes, to ensure regular supply with permanent staff, we ask you to sign a non-binding 12 month contract. But unlike other cleaning companies lock you in with restrictive clauses, you can cancel with Zoom anytime with just 4 weeks’ notice. We believe as long as we do a good job you will want to keep us as your cleaners. We rely on the excellence and consistency of our work rather than restrictive contracts to secure client loyalty.

Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use a low-chemical (environmentally friendly) cleaning process and the latest in micro-fibre technology to give you a cleaner, fresher, healthier clean without any nasty chlorine chemical smells.

What protocols do you have in place to avoid cross contamination?

We use a system of colour coded cleaning cloths for different cleaning areas and follow a precise workflow ‘Cleaning Map’ to give you the most comprehensive, hygienic clean possible.

How Can I Trust You (and Your Staff)?

Unlike other companies who hire cheap, temporary or casual workers (often non-English speaking), all our staff are long-term and triple security checked (including Police clearance, 100 point I.D., work & personal references). We expect far more from our staff than other cleaning companies, but we pay them more and treat them better so they tend to stay with us longer (some staff members have been with us for more than x years). That means the cleaners assigned to your office have proven themselves to us through long-term loyal service and are committed to our company’s culture of excellence. If you ever have a concern you can speak directly with the owner of the company who will undertake an immediate yet discreet investigation.

How Do I Know You (and Your Staff) Will Turn the Lights Off, Set the Alarm and Lock the Doors Properly When You Leave?

The owner of Zoom Office Cleaning creates a ‘Security Plan’ as part of your ‘Cleaning Map’. This includes specific instructions about lights, alarms and door locks. We take security seriously and conduct regular training to ensure security protocols are followed precisely. So you can rest easy at night knowing your office is safe and secure.

What Protocols Do You Have in Place to Ensure Reliability and Consistency?

The owner of Zoom Office Cleaning meets with every new client to complete a ‘Cleaning Map’ to ensure we understand your exact requirements. He hand-picks and personally trains a team of cleaners to implement the ‘Cleaning Map’ and he conducts regular ‘Surprise Inspections’ to monitor consistency and ensure every clean is carried out perfectly.

Is the Initial Spring Clean Really Free?

Yes, your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ has a genuine value of $650 and is offered to new clients joining a regular cleaning schedule. It’s the best way to trial our services without risk and bring your office cleanliness up to the standards you expect. If you are disappointed with the results of this clean you can cancel your schedule with just 4 weeks’ notice.

Why should I trust the cleaners of Zoom Office Cleaning?

While there are many reasons to hire our team for office cleaning services in Brisbane, the most vital ones are that we are highly trained and experienced and have the best state-of-the-art technologies to offer quality results. All our office cleaners in Brisbane are insured and certified, and since we do offer a warranty for the service, you don’t have to worry about anything.

When can I call you for office cleaning in Brisbane?

Our professional local office cleaners understand the importance of keeping the working space in the best possible condition. At the same time, we also know that your employees’ work should not get hampered. So you can call us after working hours or to offer quality cleaning service.

What sets your local office cleaning team apart from the rest?

For our local office cleaners in Brisbane, nothing is more important than to offer quality service at a reasonable price. We do maintain honesty and transparency with our clients. After careful inspection and depending on your cleaning needs, we will give you a free price quote without any hidden charges. So when our local office cleaners in Brisbane are there by your side, you don’t have to take any kind of stress.

Can you offer an emergency office cleaning service?

You can trust our expert office cleaners to offer you the best cleaning service, even during an emergency. So you can easily sit back and relax. Our team will manage everything well and promptly complete the office cleaning work without compromising quality.