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Most cleaning companies pay minimum wage and only offer temporary or casual positions. So you can imagine the trouble they have finding good staff who are reliable and trustworthy. One cleaner may do a good job. But as staff come and go the quality and consistency goes out of the window. It may be a missed bin at first. Forgivable I suppose. But when your front glass door has hand prints all over it and the vacuuming isn't done, it can be a major problem (especially if you welcome clients or customers into your offices). So what you need is a comprehensive deep office cleaning services in Brisbane that will bring back things at places.

At Zoom Office Cleaning we have strict processes in place to guarantee reliability and consistency all the time. For example, the owner will personally design a 'Cleaning Map' for your business to ensure everything is done - in the same order - every time. And all our commercial cleaners in Brisbane are triple security checked (including Police clearance, 100 point I.D., work & personal references) and employed long term. That means your cleaner is the same every time. And they follow a set system. So you can be confident you will get the result you want with total reliability and consistency from the best office & commercial cleaners in Brisbane.
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While most cleaning companies offer basic cleaning, our office and commercial cleaning experts in Brisbane at Zoom Office Cleaning do it all including…
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Free Initial 'Spring Clean' (valued up to $650*)
Put us to the test. Let us show you why we are regarded as the best office and commercial cleaning services Company in Brisbane. And prove we really will get 100% reliability and a fresh, healthy, spotless office at a fixed, unchanging price so you never have to worry about cleaning again.
We guaranteed your cleaners will turn up on time every day / week or you get that week's clean for free
We guarantee to clean your common areas thoroughly - every time. If you ever feel we havemissed something, we will repeat the clean and refund the price of that clean in full
We guarantee to return phone calls and emails within 3 hours and give you a direct contact for the owner of the company
We guarantee to give you better value than any other office and commercial cleaning company in Brisbane. If you find a cheaper quote for a comparable clean, we will match the price and refund any difference you've paid for up to 3 months. And we will never lock you into any long restrictive contracts (a courtesy 4 week cancelation notice is all that is all we ask).
Office Cleaning Service
Office Cleaning Services
Fixed, Unchanging Prices
Many cleaning companies offering office and commercial cleaning in Brisbane promise the world (including cheap prices) to win your business. But as time goes by (sometimes just weeks) you may notice things get missed or not cleaned thoroughly. This is because your cleaner is cutting corners to meet costs.

Or perhaps you've experienced a sudden price rise with the explanation that your office is dirtier than before or that cleaning is taking longer than expected. Knowing how much of a hassle it is to find and train another cleaner, you probably just accept it.

At Zoom Office Cleaning we do things differently. We are not the cheapest. But we guarantee you will receive unbeatable value from our honest, fixed, unchanging prices as well as offer you some impeccable professional office and commercial cleaning services in Brisbane.

Your Premier Choice for Top-Notch Office Cleaning Services in Brisbane

At Zoom Office Cleaning, we understand the importance of cleaning and maintaining the working space. Hence, our professional office cleaners in Brisbane make all the strenuous efforts to offer quality cleaning services. You can trust us to deliver the best cleaning service tailored to your needs and unique requirements.

Our experienced office cleaners in Brisbane are highly committed to delivering the best cleaning results. You can trust us to provide your workers a safe, healthy and peaceful living environment. We will also help you enhance the look of your space and create a good impression on your clients.

100% Work Satisfaction
Hundred Percent Guarantee
The quadruple guarantee of our professional commercial and office cleaning services in Brisbane is designed to take the hassles out of your cleaning and give you absolute peace of mind by covering.

Fill out the 'Request a Quote' form or call 07 3390 1663 and arrange your Free Initial 'Spring Clean' valued up to $650*
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Zoom Office Cleaning is unlike any other commercial cleaning services company in Brisbane you've tried. But don't take our word for it. Put us to the test.

so we can demonstrate and prove our superior cleaning services. This offer is limited so reply now while it is still available. Or keep reading to discover what makes Zoom Office Cleaning the best cleaning company in Brisbane.
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Fill out the 'Request a Quote' form or call 07 3390 1663 and arrange your Free Initial 'Spring Clean' valued up to $650*
*Your Free Initial 'Spring Clean' has a genuine value of $650 and is offered to new clients joining a regular cleaning schedule. It's the best way to trial our services without risk and bring your office cleanliness up to the standards you expect. If you are disappointed with the results of this clean you can cancel your schedule with just 30 days' notice.

Thanks for completing the final clean for Allgas House Level 2, as always the team have done an absolutely fantastic job!

Lend Lease

Just another big thank you for restoring everything back to normal last night after our function. Another wonderful job done by you and your team!


The cleaning is going very well. Any problems we’ve had have been addressed via our communications book and have been just ‘settling in’ issues. We’re very happy with the standard of cleaning and have had several comments about how clean everything looks.

Oz care

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