COVID Cleaning Brisbane

The Most Credible Commercial COVID-19 Decontamination & Cleaning in Brisbane

If you are looking for a reputable name that is experienced and competent enough to carry out Commercial COVID-19 decontamination & deep cleaning services in Brisbane for your office, your search should end at Zoom Office Cleaning.

With years of experience under our belt and with some of the most qualified and competent COVID-19 cleaners in Brisbane, we are next to none, when it comes to sanitising and decontaminating offices and commercial complexes at affordable price.

We are prompt and extremely professional, yet caring and compassionate in our approach, as we can sense the urgency of your COVID Deep Cleaning need in Brisbane for your office. Hence, subject to availability, we offer service with the earliest turnaround time.

COVID Deep Cleaning
COVID Deep Cleaning
What are the Salient Features of Our Brisbane COVID Cleaning Services for offices & Commercial Properties?
  • At Zoom Office Cleaning, we have the best and the most competent Coronavirus cleaners in Brisbane who are well trained to carry out COVID cleaning by following the tried and tested ways.
  • Our experts offering Coronavirus disinfection, Sanitisation and cleaning services in Brisbane use the latest tools and technology to come up with best solutions to ensure safety for you and your employees at your office.
  • Our Professional COVID-19 decontamination & cleaning specialists in Brisbane would maintain all the rules and regulations as per the directives rolled out by the Govt. of Queensland to ensure that they are never the source of any infection or contamination. They would also use high quality PPEs, protective gloves, masks, head gears and even specialised boots while conducting the cleaning.
  • Our COVID-19 office cleaners in Brisbane would use the tried and tested steps for the cleaning using hospital and industry-grade cleaning agents that are absolutely safe.
  • All our experts who are pressed into covid 19 office cleaning services Brisbane are subjected to regular health checkups and any one showing even slightest hints of symptoms shown by a COVID patient is taken off from roster and are put under isolation and constant monitoring.

All these have made us the most trustworthy and acclaimed Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning service provider in Brisbane you can put your stakes on.

And despite being the best in terms of perfection, our office COVID cleaning in Brisbane comes at an affordable price.

Coronavirus Cleaning
Coronavirus Cleaning

What our Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning service in Brisbane includes?

At Zoom Office Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive COVID-19 Deep Clean service in Brisbane for offices and commercial complexes that include:
  • Each and every entry and exit and the reception and waiting areas
  • Every switches and plug of electrical and electronic appliances
  • Hallways, walls, common areas and stairways
  • Every flat surface
  • The mirrors, doors and door handles,
  • All the drawers and their handles, chairs & tables, couches and coffee tables
  • Dust and Rubbish bins
  • Window and window frames, their handles and sills
  • Blind chains
  • The entrance of garages, their doors and door handles, switches, and so on
  • Every toilet of the office, including the sinks and vanities, the urinals and their adjoining areas
  • The panties and kitchens including the doors and door handles, the edges, stoves and stove handles, every appliance of the panties and kitchens, the cabinets, the area around the dishwasher floors, benches, the refrigerators and the areas around them
  • The work stations, desks monitors, the mouses, table phones, keyboards, photocopy machines, paper shredders, the storage area
So, at Zoom Office Cleaning, we offer a comprehensive service, thus turning out to be your one stop Office Covid 19 Cleaning and disinfection solution in Brisbane.
COVID-19 Deep Clean
COVID-19 Deep Clean
Call us to discuss your office COVID cleaning compulsions and fix an appointment. Or write to us to get an online, upfront quote.

How soon can I book your service?

This depends upon our availability. If available, we can turn up the same day. Or we will turn up at the earliest. We can understand your urgency.

Is vacuuming and mapping a part of your COVID cleaning process?

No. There are certain specialised, Govt. approved methods like fogging, sanitisation. We stick to them.

Can You guarantee that we will be absolutely trustworthy?

Yes! With a two phase service, our cleaning guarantees absolute safety. The precautions we take also adds to that surety.

Are the cleaning agents you use safe and effective?

Yes indeed. All the cleaning products we use are govt-approved and are hence safe. They are eco friendly and are hospital and industry-grade cleaning agents and are highly effective.