How to Get the Best Value for Money for Your Cleaning Services

The only thing ‘average’ about Zoom Office Cleaning is our prices. We’re not the cheapest. And we’re not the most expensive either. But we do guarantee to give you the absolute best value for money.

That means you enjoy 100% reliability and a fresh, healthy, spotless office at a fixed, unchanging price so you never have to worry about cleaning again.

You see, our clients appreciate that value is so much more than money. And while other cleaning companies focus on the ‘mundane’ task of cleaning, we see the bigger picture and give you so much more including

  • 1
    Save You Time
    We look after all your cleaning and consumables so you never have to worry about these things ever again.
  • 2
    Save You Hassle
    We do a consistent, reliable job – every time — so you never have the hassle of finding and training a new cleaner again
  • 3
    Give You Peace Of Mind
    We are responsible with the little things (like arriving on time, working quietly, and turning off the lights, turning on the alarm, and locking the doors when we leave) so you won’t be disturbed during the night – you can relax knowing everything is okay.
  • 4
    Increase Your Productivity
    We don’t just clean – we give you a fresher, healthier, happier office environment which leads to better morale, fewer sick days, loyal staff who work harder and stay longer, clear more creative thinking, and greater productivity.
  • 5
    Better Customer Experience
    And if customers visit your offices, we provide a better first impression and confidence inspiring atmosphere that compels them to buy.
We think a cleaner who understand these things is infinitely more valuable than somebody who simply vacuums the floor. After all, you never know what will repel a customer or cause a staff member to become disheartened. Dirty glass doors, a missed bin, toilet germs in the kitchen. These ‘little’ things cost businesses millions in lost customers and staff turnover. And we like to think we can help in these areas by providing you with the best cleaning services in Brisbane.

At the same time, we understand the importance of budgets.

Naturally, the best way to get an accurate price is to fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form or call 3390 1663 for a Free Quote.

$66 per service
Office cleaning
$15 per month
Hygiene services
$35 per month
Consumables supply
$165 from
Pest control