Body Corp And Common Area Cleaning

How to Choose a Body Corporate and Common Area Cleaning Company

Choosing a body corporate and common area cleaner can be confusing. Most appear to offer the same services at around the same price. So how do you know who to choose?

We invite you to put us to the test with your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ valued up to $650* and let us show you why we are the best body corporate and common area cleaners in Brisbane. Or keep reading to discover some of the things that make Zoom Office Cleaning so refreshingly different.

  • Affordable Fixed Rates:
    While other companies entice new body corporate and common area cleaning clients with unrealistically low introductory prices (that suddenly increase), we give you a fair, fixed, unchanging quote and stick to it (apart from a small C.P.I. adjustment each year) that allows you to accurately budget your cleaning needs. No tricks, no hidden extras, and no nasty surprises — ever.
  • Cleaners You’ll Get To Know:
    As a low-skill and often low-paid job, cleaners at other body corp. cleaning companies come and go. But we expect more from our cleaners. And we pay them more. And treat them better. So they stick around. Often for years. That means you’ll get to know and trust your Zoom Office Cleaning cleaners as they provide a consistently superior body corp. and common area clean week after week, month after month, year after year. And naturally, all our cleaners are triple security checked (including Police clearance, 100 point I.D., work & personal references) for your peace of mind.
  • The Cleaning Result You Want:
    To ensure you get the exact cleaning result you want, the owner of Zoom Office Cleaning will personally visit you and create a detailed ‘Cleaning Map’ of the common areas you want cleaned. He will then hand-pick cleaners and train them to follow this ‘Cleaning Map’. On top of that, he will personally conduct regular ‘Surprise Inspections’ to ensure the ‘Cleaning Map’ is being followed and you are receiving the superior cleaning result you deserve.
  • Healthier Hi-Tech Cleaning:
    Unlike other companies that rely on cheap, dangerous chemicals (that make your common areas smell of chlorine), we use natural products and advanced micro-fibre technology for a fresher, healthier clean. We guarantee a spotless result without any nasty chemical smells that can be dangerous to those with asthma and allergies.
  • Deal Direct With the Boss:
    There is no need to speak with a junior clerk who can’t answer your questions. And no need to wait around forever for somebody to return your call. At Zoom Office Cleaning you’ll speak directly with the owner of the company and receive the information you need straight away.
Reassuring Quadruple Guarantee
  • Reliability:
    We guaranteed your cleaners will turn up on time every day / week or you get that week’s clean for free
  • Consistency:
    We guarantee to clean your common areas thoroughly – every time. If you ever feel we have missed something, we will repeat the clean and refund the price of that clean in full
  • Communication:
    We guarantee to return phone calls and emails within 3 hours and give you a direct contact for the owner of the company
  • Value:
    We guarantee to give you better value than any other body corporate and common area cleaning company in Brisbane. If you find a cheaper quote for a comparable clean, we will match the price and refund any difference you’ve paid for up to 3 months. And we will never lock you into any restrictive contracts (a courtesy 4 week cancelation notice is all that is all we ask)
Very happy with the standard…
The cleaning is going very well. Any problems we’ve had have been addressed via our communications book and have been just ‘settling in’ issues. We’re very happy with the standard of cleaning and have had several comments about how clean everything looks.
Oz Care
Another wonderful job…
Just another big thank you for restoring everything back to normal last night after our function. Another wonderful job done by you and your team!
Absolutely fantastic job!
Thanks for completing the final clean for Allgas House Level 2, as always the team have done an absolutely fantastic job!
Lend Lease

So if you’re looking for a body corporate and common area cleaning company that guarantees 100% reliability and gives you a fresh, healthy, spotless clean at a fixed, unchanging price so you never have to worry about cleaning again, we invite you to put us to the test with. Fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form or call 3390 1663 to arrange your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ valued up to $650*

*Your Free Initial ‘Spring Clean’ has a genuine value of $650 and is offered to new clients joining a regular cleaning schedule. It’s the best way to trial our services without risk and bring your office cleanliness up to the standards you expect. If you are disappointed with the results of this clean you can cancel your schedule with just 4 weeks’ notice.