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Quality High Touch Surface Cleaning by Trained Professionals in Brisbane

The COVID 19-driven Pandemic has redefined the techniques of cleaning. More than just regular cleaning, you need COVID cleaning to stay fit, healthy, and safe. And when we speak about COVID cleaning, it is mostly about, along with other facets of cleaning, taking care of the high touch surfaces and cleaning them up. This is why you need to hire professionals with extensive training in COVID cleaning. That is the reason you need to hire professional COVID cleaning experts! What better name can you opt for, when you have Zoom Office Cleaning at your service? Indeed, with substantial experience and some highly trained high touch surface cleaners in Brisbane, we are one of the most dependable names when it comes to conducting professional COVID cleaning!

Why Us?

When it comes to COVID cleaning, and in particular, on high touch surface cleaning, you need to put more emphasis on expertise than experience. Since the advent this pandemic does not date back more than a year, it’s the expertise that the companies have gathered, on specialised cleaning over the last year or so, which counts the most! This is where we at Zoom Office Cleaning score over others.

Every clean whom we press into COVID cleaning has to undergo rigorous training as per the government-approved norms and regulations.

They use all their experience and cleaning acumen to follow the COVID cleaning norms to come up with a perfect cleaning that helps you to stay safe!

They would use the hospital-grade govt. approved cleaning products for the best cleaning results.

While conducting the cleaning they would use the PPE suits, gloves, masks, eye guards, face shields, and even shoes in some cases, and maintain social distancing to ensure there is not even the remotest chance of being infected from them.

They would use the best fogging machines to ensure that proper salinisation prior to manual high touch surface cleaning using high-quality disposable towels.

High Touch Surface Cleaning
High Touch Surface Cleaning

What Does Our High Touch Area Cleaning Include?

When we talk about high touch area cleaning, it is all about cleaning those areas that are always accessed and touched but are ignored, when it comes to daily cleaning. Thus, our high touch surface cleaning in Brisbane at Zoom Office Cleaning includes cleaning stuff like:
  • The doorknobs
  • Switches of lights and other electrical appliances
  • Remote controls of electronic and electrical appliances
  • Keys
  • Mobile phones
  • Taps, faucets, and other bathroom and kitchen accessories
  • Toilets
  • Tables and chairs, benchtops
  • Laptops, desktops, the keyboards, mouse, mouse pads, CPU screens
  • Other hard surfaces that are always accessed

So you see, when you hire professional experts to clean these high-touch areas – something called targeted hygiene, it goes a long way to disinfect the areas and ensure your household is safe from any infection whatsoever! Well, we cannot guarantee you will NEVER be infected by the COVID 19 because of this cleaning, but yes, the chances will reduce to almost NIL….ALMOST!!

So CONTACT US now and see what difference we can make in high touch area cleaning to keep COVID 19 at bay!

High Touch Surface Cleaning Services
High Touch Surface Cleaning Services