A Few Ways How Professional Cleaners Remove Mould from Carpets

Professional Cleaners Remove Mould from Carpets
Professional Cleaners Remove Mould from Carpets

Mould is a fungus that can grow on any type of surface. However, once it grows, removing it becomes very difficult and the same happens with the carpet fibres as well. At the same time, since mould is a fungus, it can cause a variety of illnesses if it gets inside your body such as respiratory symptoms, eye irritations, etc. So, if you are in Brisbane and want to remove the mould growth from the carpets, you should call in the local carpet cleaners in Brisbane because they follow several procedures to remove them.

So, let us now take a look at some of the procedures that the cleaners follow.

1) Ensuring Ventilation First

The first thing that the cleaners will do is to ensure ventilation of the area where the carpet is placed. The reason why they will do this is that the mould spores can easily spread through the air to the different other parts of your home or office and they can easily get inside you when you breathe.

So, the cleaners will close the doors or use sheets of plastic to cover some areas. Then, they will use fans to blow the air inside the room out. And when the ventilation is complete, they will use the cleaning solutions.

2) Using a Brush to Remove the Mould

Now, the professionals providing carpet cleaning services in Brisbane will use a stiff brush to remove the mould growth on the fibres. They will apply light pressure to remove all the mould and put the remains inside a bin bag so that they can discard it. But while doing so, they will wear respirators and goggles to protect the spores from getting inside the body or in the eyes.

Apart from the mould, the cleaners will sometimes use vacuum cleaners to remove the mould. However, in doing so, some of the spores might get into the air or remain in the vacuum cleaner. So, the cleaners use it depending on the mould growth.

3) Scrubbing off the Mould

The professionals providing the cleaning will scrub the mould off by applying a cleaning solution specifically produced to remove the fungal growth. Now, there are different solutions that the cleaners can apply and some can be natural or others can contain different chemicals and it entirely varies from cleaner to cleaner.
Drying the carpet after removing the Mould

After removing the mould, the professionals from the company providing carpet cleaner for hire in Brisbane will leave the carpets to dry so that the chemical solutions can fully take effect, and after drying, they will apply the anti-fungal solution to inhibit further mould growth.

4) Apply Steam

This process is used by cleaners to remove the mould and also as an after cleaner solution to inhibit the mould growth and to kill the remains deep inside the carpets.
So, these are a few ways how professional cleaners remove mould growth from the carpets efficiently.

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