Things That Cleaners Check Before Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam Cleaning Carpets
Carpet cleaners make sure that your carpets are fully clean. For that, they use steam and hence the procedure is called steam cleaning. But to make the cleaning procedure effective, they check a few things. This gives them the idea about how much they should optimise their cleaning equipment. Also, looking for these things helps them determine if they need to follow a few more steps before starting the procedure.

Now let us see what the professionals carrying out carpet cleaning in Brisbane look for.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

1) Stains

Steal cleaning is very effective against stains. Everyone knows that. But certain stains can be hard to remove even with steam cleaning. So, the cleaners look for these stains first and if found, they apply certain solutions to loosen them. Then, when they have become loose, they start the procedure to remove them easily from your carpet.

2) Odour

When and if the cleaners find odour, they do not generally take extra steps because steam cleaning is itself enough to dispel the smell. However, if the odour is intense and is caused by pet urine or similar things, they first apply anti acidic chemicals to remove the urine. Then, when the smell has somewhat dispersed, they start the steam cleaning procedure to completely remove it.

3) Mould Growth

The growth of mould is another important thing that the cleaners check because they will need to be removed fully to make the carpet clean. So, to remove the mould growth, the cleaners increase the heat application level in the equipment. Also, before starting the application of heat, they might use a few solutions to kill the mould on the surface since this will make their removal easier.

4) Insect Infestation

The carpet steam cleaners in Brisbane will look for insect infestation before beginning the steam cleaning process because first the insects need to be removed and only then can steam be applied. Otherwise, the latter will not turn out to be effective. The insects will stay alive and will multiply.

For the removal of insects, it is recommended that you call a pest removal company as they can do the job better than cleaners.

5) Dirt and Dust

If there is too much dirt and dust, the cleaners will not only use a vacuum but also a cloth to remove them from the surface of the fibres. And only after they are removed will they start the steam cleaning process.

When and if dust persists and steam cleaning is used, the former is not removed and can make the carpets look duller.

5) Tear in Fibres

The professionals carrying out carpet steam cleaning in Brisbane will look for tears in the fibres of the carpet before starting the steam cleaning procedure to ensure that they are not causing extra damage.

If they notice tears, they generally reduce the steam intensity and carefully manoeuvre the equipment to prevent more tears, and they do it with the vacuum cleaner too.

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