Techniques to Remove Blood Stains from Carpets Used by Carpet Cleaners

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Carpet Cleaners

Bloodstains are great spoilers for carpets. They are so for any fabric, but in carpets, they look particularly obnoxious, and that is why you need to put the best steps forward to have them removed. So what should you do, when you see your carpet stained by blood?

Firstly, you need to concentrate for the first aide to nurse the cut, and once you are done, and once the cut has been adequately dressed and medication is applied and the injury is treated and taken care of, it’s now time to turn to the carpet. The first thing that you need to do is to hire a professional company. Opt for the very best in the business. For instance, if you are in Brisbane, opt for Zoom Office Cleaning. We are the best in Brisbane when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Our experts will use 5 different ways of removing blood stains from carpets.

Way 1: Using cold water: Our experts will be able to remove the bloodstains from your carpet with the use of cold water, more so if the stain is fresh. In this method, our experts will fill up a spray bottle with cold water, (cold means…cold!).

Now, they will spray the water on the stain and then would wipe the entire area with the use of a dry, clean towel or a moist vac. They will repeat this procedure quite a few times, till the stain is completely removed. Once done, our experts will steam clean the area thoroughly till the moisture is gone completely. And lastly, they will use a hair drier or a similar device to dry out the area.

Way 2: Using detergent and water: When it comes to treating a dried out bloodstain, our carpet cleaning experts in Brisbane would prefer using a solution containing cold water and liquid dish-washing detergent. They will thoroughly soak a clean, white piece of cloth in the solution, and apply that solution to the stain comprehensively. Once done, they will simply scrub the stained area with the help of an old toothbrush, and then use a moist cloth rinsing and blotting the area.

Way 3: Using Ammonia and water: This is another very effective way of removing blood stains from the carpet, provided the carpet is NOT woollen. For woollen carpets, this method is a strict NO-NO!! Our carpet cleaners in Brisbane would mix two tablespoons of ammonia in a spray bottle full of water. Now they will spray the solution on the stain and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes. Now, they will use a clean rug, to blot the spot and then dry it out by blowing hot air from a hairdryer.

Way 4: Using Salt Paste: Another extremely effective method that we use is using salt paste. Our experts, using carpet cleaning services in Brisbane would put some cold water in a bucket, and add enough salt, which will create a thin salty paste. Thereafter, the paste is applied to the stain, and the paste is then left to sit on the stain for about 10 minutes. After that, our experts will blot the stain till it is entirely gone.

Way 5: Using H2O2: Using Hydrogen Peroxide is another extremely effective way that our professional carpet cleaners would adopt, to clean your bloody carpet. They will moisten the stained spot, with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide, before they allow it to stand for about 30 minutes or so. They will repeat the procedure till the entire stain is gone.

Thus you see, there are so many ways in which our professionals can remove blood stains from your carpet. Hence, do not hesitate to call us, for removing bloodstains. Dial us now at 07 3390 1663 during our business hours.