Steps You Should Follow To Maintain Your Clean Carpet

Carpet Cleaning
The carpet in your home is just like an asset! It is comfortable, looks great on the floor and makes the home a great place to be. But you will need to get your carpet cleaned when it becomes too dirty and will also need to maintain the cleanliness. Today, we will specifically focus on the latter, that is the steps to maintain your clean carpet.

So, after getting your carpet cleaned by professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane, you will need to follow these steps to keep it free of dirt, dust, grease, etc.

1) Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet frequently is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and you should do it once or twice a week. Even if you are busy, you will need to take some time out to clean the carpet as this is an easy job. You will only require your vacuum cleaner and a brush for carpet.

Set the vacuum to the right height (if that is possible) and then start from one end of the carpet. For the best results, move from the top to the bottom and vice versa and continue this process until and unless the carpet is free of dust.

Regular vacuuming will not only ensure a dust-free and clean carpet but will also help to keep it free from the accumulation of various particles that might cause diseases.

2) Have Stains? Clean them Right Away

If you have accidentally spilled wine, clean those stains right away.

Stains can be caused by pets too but no matter the reason behind it, the longer you wait, the harder will it be to remove them. So, before calling a carpet cleaning company in Brisbane to remove them completely, you can apply the mixture of white vinegar and dish soap on the stains. Let the solution soak for around 10 minutes or so and then use a clean towel to remove the stains. And if you can still see a few marks on your carpet, leave it to the professional cleaners to remove.

So, if possible try to avoid having your food and wine on the area where the carpet is placed to avoid stains.

3) Remove Your Shoes Before You Step Onto the Carpet

Your shoes contain not only dust and dirt but also a lot of bacteria. So, to keep your carpet clean, try to avoid walking on it with your shoes on.

Inform your family members about how dust and bacteria from your shoes can accumulate inside the carpet and can spread diseases.

When you are at your home, you can use slippers that are meant to be used for the indoors only to protect the cleanliness of your carpet.

4) Doormats can help!

Yes, they can really help to keep your carpets clean.

Good doormats can absorb most of the dust and other particles. And, if, for instance, you are having a party in your place or if guests are coming over for a weekend visit, they can wipe their shoes off which will keep the dirt away thus saving your carpet.

Let the Professional Cleaners Handle the Cleaning

Zoom Office Cleaning provides friendly carpet cleaners near Brisbane who use advanced procedures of cleaning to make your carpet free of dirt, dust and bacteria. So, if you are searching for an affordable carpet cleaning service, call us now.