A Step By Step Approach for Readying Your House for Fogging

One of the best procedures for killing pests is fogging. But before the fog can be released on your rooms, you will need to prepare your room and today we will be providing you with a step-by-step approach. In fact, if you are in Brisbane and want to get your home rid of insects and other pests but aren’t sure about what to do before you call the foggers, don’t worry just follow along as we will be discussing everything here.

  • Opening the Doors of the Furniture

To effectively neutralize the insects, the fog needs to reach every nook and corner of your house. So, you will need to open the door of the furniture such as cabinets, desks, drawers, and cupboards so that are regarded as hideouts of the pests.

Additionally, before you contact the professionals providing fogging services in Brisbane, you will need to remove the cooking utensils from your kitchen, and then reposition some of the appliances if possible so that the fog can enter the cracks or the crevices in your walls where insects may be hiding.

  • Keeping Your Pets Away

Though you and your family members will need to keep out of your house after the fogging is complete, you will need to make sure that your pets do not accidentally enter the rooms that are being fogged as the chemical present in the fog can be extremely harmful to humans and pets.

So, it is best to keep them away at least for a day. In addition to this, you will also need to keep the pet bowls and food away as these can accumulate the residues of the fog.

  • Covering the Areas 

Before the fogging disinfection in Brisbane can be started, you should cover different areas of your home such as the appliances as these surfaces tend to accumulate the residue from the fog, and to do this, you can use plastic or paper sheets. However, you don’t need to cover your floor as the fog needs to get inside the cracks or gaps on the floor where insects often hide.

  • Disable Smoke Alarms 

If you have smoke alarms installed, you will need to disable them as fogging can trigger a false alarm. In addition to this, if you have other types of alarms installed, you can disable them as well since the foggers will be moving from room to room spraying the fog.

  • Close the Windows and Turn Off Your AC

You will need to close the windows so that the fog can stay for a while after it’s sprayed because the more it stays, the better it can kill the insects in your home. Also, before the fogging sanitation services in Brisbane can begin, turn off your air conditioner as the air can disperse the fog and it will make removal of the insects less effective.

  • Remove Food Items

Keep your food items off of the appliances as the fog residue can be poisonous. If you have any other fridge at a different location, you can use it to store your food for a while.

So, these are a few ways how you can prepare your house for fogging. In this regard we would like to say is that fogging not only kills insects but is also an effective solution against viruses and bacteria as well.

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