QUALITY of cleaning

Essentially, the competition in our industry has developed into a no-win situation for both the customers and the Brisbane cleaning service companies. For years now the PRICES have been driven down simply because it is so common to compete on low-cost basis only.

At first, it would seem that this is definitely in the interests of cleaning customers. And, of course, part of it is as there’s nothing wrong with obtaining a good service at a fair price.

But here’s the thing: With the cost of living, salaries, cleaning chemicals, equipment, machinery, and overheads constantly RISING while competition necessitates LOWERING the cost of cleaning, the end result is that something’s gotta give.

And that “something” has become the QUALITY of cleaning.

One could say that to do a good job with a winning price of bidding is impossible.

We don’t happen to think this way but I do agree that with the CURRENT system of office cleaners it’s near enough impossible to maintain every nook and cranny of customer’s premises constantly clean and presentable.