How Professional Common Area Cleaners Carry out their Cleaning? The Steps They Take

When we discuss cleaning a property, there are no different theories as such, to carry out cleaning of various areas of a property. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the basics of property cleaning are all the same, no matter whether it is a commercial property or a domestic. Yet, there are some faint differences when it comes to application of various methodologies in commercial and domestic properties though the fundamental remains unchanged.

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The reason is simple – the extent of cleaning needed in a commercial property is much more than its domestic counterparts. Likewise, when it comes to providing cleaning service in common areas, a few essential guidelines have to be maintained. The reason again, is pretty much obvious – these common areas, due to their high traffic accessibility. Indeed, an office area is pretty different from the entrances and the common areas, and hence they are cleaned separately, though principally the methodologies followed are the same.

Here are the steps that the professionals generally take or take into account.

    • The professional common area cleaners in Brisbane would move furniture and the other items cautiously from the area, so much so that the removal does not cause any damage to the floor. The professionals of reputed companies are trained to shift the furniture and fittings from the area by following certain methods, with the help of tools and techniques.
    • Now that the furniture and fittings are moved out, the pros would then vacuum the carpeted areas for picking up the dirt and dust particles and they do this all through the wall to wall covered area. Thus, this step applies if mattresses and carpets are laid at the entrances and the other common high traffic areas.
    • Then they will promptly address the stains and spots on the carpets by applying adequate measures so much so that the probability of the stain getting arrested permanently is significantly reduced. The methods they use would depend upon the extent and the nature of stain in question. They would use appropriate cleaning agents and techniques to ensure that the stains are removed.
    • They would inspect and dust mop the hard surface of the floor after considering the type of materials it is made up of. They would use a microfiber for dust mopping, and sweep up the debris.
    • While doing so, they would place appropriate warning signs to caution people for any type of wet work that is being performed.
    • Then the common area cleaning professionals in Brisbane would carry out thorough inspection and remove the gum, and the heel marks, along with various other abrasions, before they start damp mopping.
    • They would damp mop with the help of neutral detergent, which will not damage the structural integrity of the floor, or damage the stone surface. They would refrain from using chemicals on floors that can very well be susceptible to harsh chemicals and alkalis and acids.
    • Finally, once the cleaning is done, they will shift back all the furniture and equipment back to the common area and place them right where they were set up before the cleaning was conducted.

Thus you see, the steps need to be methodical and systematic, which will ensure the cleaning is done in a seamless way and that is the reason you need to hire a quality and reputed company that has been providing cleaning service in Brisbane for years. What better name can you opt for than Zoom Office Cleaning? For further details, call us at 07 3390 1663 within our office hours.common area cleaners in Brisbane professional common area cleaners in Brisbaneprofessional common area cleaners in Brisbane.