Office Carpet Cleaning

Fool-Proof Ways to Extend the Longevity of Your Pricey Office Carpet

A decorated carpet glorifies your office entrance and creates a positive impression in the minds of visitors, but what if your carpet gives off a musty odour? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have a filthy carpet with dirt, stains, and grit embedded in the weavings? Without routine upkeep, your carpet won’t look appealing and compel you to opt for a brand new replacement sooner than expected. Replacing a carpet is a costly affair and if you have to do it more often than needed, it can break your bank. So the ideal way to save your pockets is by hiring office commercial cleaning in Brisbane.

Here are a few expert-recommended tips to keep your plush office carpet looking like new for the coming years. Read on!

Regular Vacuuming

An easiest and most effective way to keep office carpets clean is by performing regular vacuuming. Not all vacuum cleaners are of the same size and quality. Buying a cheap one may lead to carpet damage and leave behind lingering dirt. Small debris and dust particles can accumulate inside the intricate weavings and cause wear and tear. Regular vacuuming with powerful fitted suction in the mouth can get deep inside the carpet and remove debris effectively.

Place Door Mats

70% of dirt is carried by shoes and when employees walk over the carpets with dirty shoes, mud, grit, and grime cling onto the fabrics, making office carpets look dull and dingy. Mud carried from outside sticks to the weavings, which eventually turns into dark spots and degrades the health and hygiene of your workplace. Not only the entrance, but you should also install mats on high-traffic areas as well to protect the plush carpet from discolouration. Installing sufficient mats can keep your carpet spotless and improve the indoor air quality too.

Treat Stains Immediately

The longer you allow stains to settle on the fabrics, the more they will get absorbed into the paddings causing discolouration. Treat stains and spills immediately with specialised office carpet cleaning services in Brisbane to protect your carpet from early deterioration. If you don’t address them immediately, the food spores may settle into the fibers and develop into permanent stains. Treating accidental spills by professionals can protect the lustrous look of the carpet fibers and extend the longevity of your pricey masterpiece for years.

Rearrange Office Furniture

Bulk office furniture are prime culprits behind carpet dents and leaving them untreated for a long makes office carpet look unsightly and unkempt. Carpet cleaning experts recommend rearranging heavy furniture every month to avoid permanent carpet indentations. Dents are likely common in carpets that aren’t expensive, or the fabric quality is inferior. So make sure you pick a decorative piece with good fabric quality that can withstand heavy pressure and look great for years without forming dents.

At Zoom Office Cleaning, we specialise in high-quality office carpet cleaning services in Brisbane using organic detergents to make your carpet spotless in minutes. Our specialty tools, proven techniques, and eco-friendly detergents remove dirt, stains, and grime and make your carpet spotless in minutes. Speak to our accredited professionals today and get a free quote anytime!