Why is Fogging an Effective Solution Against Viruses and Bacteria?

Fogging is a versatile solution where fogging equipment is used to spray disinfectants throughout a room that creates fog. The fog can easily reach the areas that are otherwise hard to disinfect and hence can be considered as a unique disinfectant solution.

The procedure is being carried out in Brisbane by thermal and ULV foggers where the disinfectant solution can quickly spread to all parts of the room and kill the viruses and the bacteria. Also, due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, people are now opting fogging services as these can quickly destroy the Covid-19 virus. So, now let’s take a look at some of its other advantages.

Fogging Services

1) Fogging is Safe

If carried out correctly by the cleaners, it can be a safe solution for killing bacteria and viruses in your home.

The cleaners providing the fogging services in Brisbane use special cleaning agents that are safe against children and pets. However, during the application, the cleaners suggest that you stay away from the room to make the disinfection process more effective.

2) Fogging can Eradicate Airborne Viruses

This is another reason why fogging can be considered as an effective solution for killing viruses.

Researchers are now saying that the novel coronavirus, for example, can travel long distances through the air. That means it is partly airborne. But since the procedure creates a dense fog of the disinfectant solution, the novel coronavirus and other airborne viruses will be killed right away.

3) Good Solution for Cleaning Horizontal Surfaces

After fogging, the remains of the disinfectant solution falls and lands on the horizontal surfaces where they effectively kill all the viruses and bacteria. However, that does not mean that it is an ineffective solution for the bacteria and viruses for vertical surfaces. The mist that is created by the procedure can eradicate the contaminants on the vertical surfaces too.

4) Fogging is a Convenient Disinfectant Solution

Fogging can be categorised under the sanitisation services in Brisbane as it can be used anywhere and everywhere such as schools, hospitals, offices etc. Also, it is a convenient solution because the procedure is easy to carry out. It just takes the proper equipment and the cleaning solution to achieve the desired results.

5) Fogging is a Time-Saving Procedure

The procedure is not time-taking at all because the professional will just spray the solution at the different areas of your home or office using the particular equipment. But during the process, you just need to stay away from the room as the professionals will leave it closed for an hour or so to make the disinfection process effective.

6) Various Types of Fogging to Meet Your Needs

The good thing is that there are various types of fogging that can meet your needs such as chemical fogging, ozone fogging, UV fogging etc. and reputed companies providing the disinfection services in Brisbane make use of the different methods to destroy bacteria and viruses.

7) Affordable Solution

Fogging is gaining popularity day by day because it is an affordable solution and today many companies are providing this service. Additionally, the chemicals that are now used in fogging have also become quite advanced which can quickly kill bacteria and viruses.

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