Some Efficient Carpet Odour Removal Methods Used By Professionals

Carpet Odour Removal
Carpet Odour Removal

Along with cleaning, carpet cleaners also remove the odour. For this, they follow different procedures. Moreover, with the advent of new tools and solutions, the procedure of odour removal is not varying from provider to provider. Anyway, we will discuss only the common and conventional methods that are still used in Bowen Hills and Brisbane CBD.

So, now let’s delve into them.

1) Application of Baking Soda

Though this is a natural solution, the carpet cleaners in Bowen Hills still use this because baking soda is highly effective against odours as it absorbs liquids. Also, the treatment is easy. All they do is sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and leave it to dry for a couple of hours if the odour is light. But for stronger odours, they leave it overnight for achieving the best results. Then, they vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove the residue and now you have a nicely cleaned odourless carpet in your room.

2) Application of Vinegar

Odour in your carpet can generate from the growth of mildew inside the carpet. But removing this not difficult for the professional cleaners as they have vinegar at their disposal.

It is another affordable yet effective solution for getting rid of the odours in your carpet. All they do is combine a cup of vinegar with some lukewarm water and spray it all over your carpet. Then, they leave it to dry for the solution to take effect.

Slowly, you will notice that the odour will dissipate. Sometimes, however, the cleaners mix baking soda with vinegar to make the odour removing solution even stronger.

3) Applying Enzyme Cleaners

Pet urine can also produce bad odours and to remove them, the carpet cleaners in Brisbane CBD will use enzyme cleaners because pet urine contains a variety of enzymes that give off the pungent odour.

The enzyme cleaners are readily available on the market. However, some cleaners can also use proprietary solutions.

These solutions not only kill the odour but also the bacteria that can accumulate in the carpet from the urine.

4) Special Deodorizers

Sometimes odours can generate from the fibres too especially if they become very old. In this scenario, the carpet cleaners can apply special deodorizers to remove the smell. These can be essential oils or even certain chemicals that are available readily. However, professional can sometimes use proprietary deodorizers as well as they stay for long and provide fantastic results.

5) Borax with Baking Soda

Sometimes the professionals providing carpet cleaning in Bowen Hills and Brisbane CBD will use borax mixed with baking soda to remove the odour.

Though a natural solution, borax enhances the efficacy of baking soda and combines with it to form a powerful solution that dispels the smell in a short duration.

6) Special Herbs

Some cleaners can resort to herbal treatments too since organic cleaning has become a conventional thing now. When used in the right proportions, they can give good results as well.

These are a few carpet odour removal methods that are quite efficient and are thus used by professional cleaners.

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