Fogging Services Hemmant

Fogging Services in Hemmant by Trained Professionals

Zoom Office Cleaning is one of the very few names that have risen to the occasion of this pandemic and have come up with some astounding customer-centric services, which includes fully customised COVID 19 cleaning by trained professionals. One of the major aspects of our COVID cleaning is fogging. We use state of the art latest fogging machines and hospital and industry-grade, govt-approved cleaning products to come up with comprehensive fogging services in Hemmant, which will ensure every nook and cranny of your property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Our impeccably trained cleaning and disinfecting professionals would ensure that the disinfectant they use infiltrate every area and location of your business property that is difficult to reach out, like the higher parts of the walls, the ceilings, the doors, and windows. Our fogging goes all the way to exterminate every pathogen like COVID 19, e-coli, influenza, salmonella, and a wide range of allergens from any type of surface within minutes.

Zoom Office Cleaning provides our clients with a dated certification that will act as cleaning and sanitisation evidence.

What makes us unique?

All our COVID cleaners who carry our sanitisation and cleaning through fogging in Hemmant are impeccably trained about the govt approved cleaning methods.

We would press into service only and only 100% fit cleaners at your premises and we take off any individual with symptoms that are even remotely similar to those shown by COVID positive individuals.

They are always in full protective gear, including the PPE suits, gloves and eyeglasses, and even boots. They would maintain social distancing and would ensure that your employees stay in a confined zone as they carry out the disinfecting. This is to ensure that we are never the source of any infection whatsoever.

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