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When it comes to concrete cleaning in East Brisbane, we at Zoom Office Cleaning are the most coveted and sought after names. Riding high on our experience and knowledge, we would offer some impeccable service to our customers, yielding 100% customer satisfaction. Our customer centric approach, our flawless work and our eye for details, not to mention our transparent and cost effective nature of our service have made us one of the best concrete cleaners in Coorparoo.
Concrete Cleaners

A Short Overview of Concrete Cleaning!

Well, let’s keep it simple for you! Cleaning can be carried out with the help of various types of cleaners, which help in complete cleaning and comprehensive removal of contamination from the concrete surfaces.

The cleaners that we use include….

  • pH-Neutral CleanersThis is another cleaning agent that our concrete cleaning professionals in Coorparoo would use for mild cleaning. These cleaners are primarily meant to be used on unsealed concrete surfaces with no deeply embedded dirt and dust or any major contamination, which only require mild cleaning.
  • Acid CleanersThis is another type of cleaning product that is primarily designed to get rid of the stains and dirt and various types of contamination, which are solvent in acidic solutions. These cleaners are particularly handy in the removal of efflorescence from concrete.
Best Concrete Cleaners
  • Alkaline CleanersAlso termed as concrete degreasers, these alkaline cleaners are mostly used for eradicating oil and grease, and several other hydrocarbon-based stains from concrete. These highly alkaline cleaning agents would emulsify or break down the oily contamination, which will help in their easy removal.
  • Enzymatic/Bacterial CleanersThis is the latest variety of concrete cleaners and we are glad to state that our professional cleaners of concrete surfaces in Coorparoo are already more than expert in using them.
  • Specialty cleanersAs the name suggests, these Specialty cleaners are manufactured to remove certain varieties of contamination and may come in the form of a blend or combination of two or more of the four above-mentioning concrete cleaning varieties.
Concrete Cleaning Services
Professional Concrete Cleaners

Types of Concrete We Clean

We have the experience and the ability to restore the following types of concrete!
  • Troweled Concrete:These concrete surfaces come up with a hard and densely constructed smooth surface that needs to be retained to make the most of the structure and to keep its aesthetic integrity intact.
  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete:Exposed aggregate is the most popular variety of concrete that you come across. The high traffic areas that suffer a huge number of footfalls are generally made up of this type of concrete. Driveways and pathways are the best examples of this type of concrete.
  • Polished Concrete:This variety of concrete is getting more and more popular as a flooring material, as it is excellent in emulating ceramic tiles, but are much less expensive than them and are more durable as well. We are unparalleled when it comes to cleaning this type of concrete as well!

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